SKM presses for LT Assembly seats, lashes out against SILTAC

Gangtok, 19 Jul:

Sikkim KrantikariMorchahas said that if the SDF Government is really sincere towards Limboo and Tamang communities then it should immediately call an all-party meeting and lead a delegation to the Centre for early reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang in the State Assembly.

The party alleged that the Centre has not been taking any issue of the State seriously as the State Government itself is notserious or honest about sensitive issues of the State.

Addressing a press conference here today, SKM spokesperson, Jacob Khaling alleged that Sikkim LimbooTamang Apex Committee [SILTAC] has been playing politics on this sensitive issue in the name of Limboo and Tamang communities of Sikkim. He added that instead of taking this issue to a logical end, SILTAC has been trying to hide the weaknesses and mistakes of the State Government in the delay of the seat reservation.

MrKhaling stressed that SDF government should show its political will instead of using SILTAC as a front.

He mentioned that the ruling party has always said that the case filed by HR Pradhan is causing the delay in this issue. On the same, he added that MrPradhan has never opposed seat reservation for Limboo and Tamangand instead filed the case for early reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang.

He further said that thefailure of the State Government to provide satisfactory reply on the issue is the reason behind the delays.

MrKhaling stated that in the reply to the Delimitation Commission of Indiaon 09 Mar 2006, a letter of the Chief Secretary of Sikkim Government clearly mentions that, “Once the increase in the number of seats have been improved, the reservation of seats for the Limboo and Tamang communities of Sikkim, who have been included in Scheduled Tribes, would be resolved. As such, I would like to request that this matter be kept pending for some more time till this issue is settled by the Government of India”.

He added that this letter was also responsible for the delay on the issue but the State Government has still not withdrawn this letter till date.

SKM vice-president, Birendra Tamling, lashed out against SILTAC alleging that the organization is affiliated to SDF and completely under its control.

Responding to media queries, MrKhaling stated that SKM does not trust the CM’s statements and announcementsanymore since he is consistently changing his statements. He added that SKM wants LT seat reservation before 2019 election. He also demanded that LT Ministers and MLAs put pressure on the government.