SILTAC’s Jan Sampark programme continues

40-seat formula correct says KT Gyaltsen

Gangtok, 26 Jul:

Sikkim LimbooTamang Apex Committee [SILTAC] held its second day of Jan Samparkprogrammefor SyariConstituency, East Sikkim in the capital today.

Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen, attended the event as chief guest in the presence of SILTAC Chairperson, CB Subba, Advisor, KalawatiSubba, along with SILTAC members.

MrGyaltsen stated that SDFis firmly supporting the LimbooTamang community in their journey to secure their seats in the Assembly.

“The 40-seat formula of the SDF government is the correct formula and the State has always forwarded these constitutional demands to the centre,” he added.

He also stated that Bhutia,Lepcha and the Nepalis of the State must support each other on securing the historic and constitutional rights of all Sikkimese.

Adding further, he said that there are some misguided elements in some organizations who are stirring up trouble regarding this issue for their vested interests.

“This is not just a demand but a promise made by the Government of India to the people of Sikkim at the time of merger,” he said.

Securing tribal status to 11 left out communities and no disturbance or dilution of any rightsof the BL community were also stated as the prime agenda of the party.

Lashing out against the opposition and other groups opposing the 40-seat formula of the government, he stated that the oppositions themselves do not have any plans or programmes.

He also congratulated SILTAC for supporting the government’s reports and taking their own delegation from the community to the centre.

Similarly, SILTAC Chairperson, CB Subba, said that all Sikkimese must stay informed and updated on the LT seat issue and added that, it is for this very purpose that today’sprogramme has been held.

He further urged other parties and organisations to be responsible and to avoid sticking to a single point agenda of maligning the government.

SILTAC Advisor, MsSubba, informed the audience of the process they went through fixing appointments with all leaders and ministers at the centre.

She further added that there was confusion in the centre as many stated that various delegationsfrom Sikkim came with different versions of the LT seat reservation issues.

However, she said that now an authentic formula has been provided by the State Government and they are hopeful that soon there will be LT seats in the Assembly, preferably through Presidential ordinance.

Vice chairperson, SILTAC,SushilTamang, stated, “It is the anti LT people who will keep abusing the State Government.”

The members were unanimous in their praise for the State Government’s 40-seat formula in line with social justice and equal rights to all Sikkimese.