CAEPHT training on efficient utilization of draught animals

Gangtok, 28 Jul:

The College of Agricultural Engineering & Post Harvest Technology [CAEPHT], Ranipool, conducted a daylong training on efficient utilization of draught animals with matching agricultural equipment on 27 July at Rabdang in East Sikkim. 74 farmers were familiarized with improved animal drawn equipment during the programme, a press release informs.

Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator [PI], CAEPHT, SK Chauhan, briefed the farmers on the CAEPHT’s engagements in the villages of Sikkim for animal-based farming system on terraces for major crops.

The highlight of the training included display and demonstration of animal drawn improved wedge plough, improved peg type puddler, bio- fertilizer applicator cum maize planter, improved single and two-row multi crop zero-till planter.

One improved animal drawn wedge plough was purchased bya resident of Rabdang,Pasang Sherpa.

An interactive session was also conducted during the programmeduring which CAEPHT offered one small hand tool [tubular hand maize sheller]to the farmers to experience the performance of the tools and provide feedback for further refinement if any.