3-day celebration announced for Indrajatra

Gangtok, 29 Jul:

Indra Jatra, the biggest festival for the Newar community, will be celebrated with a three day programme on a grand scale in Gangtok from 21 to 23 September, a high level co-ordination meeting resolved yesterday.

The meeting had MLAs Bikram Pradhan and Shyam Pradhan, Chairperson, Social Welfare Board Indra Pradhan, Film Board Chairperson Uttam Pradhan, executive members of Sikkim Newar Guthi and all members of the Indra Jatra Celebration Committee 2018 in attendance along with youth in large numbers.

On the first two days - 21 and 22 September - various stalls of Newari food and achar, cultural and traditional displays, handicraft and handloom, photography and painting exhibitions will be put up at at MG Marg, Gangtok.

The event will revolve on the theme, “Conserve water,” given that Indra Jatra is the worship of Lord Indra, the God of the heavens, lightning, thunderstorms and rains.

The evenings at MG Marg will feature Newari dance competitions and Open Talent hunt shows.

Cultural programs will also be organized with presentation of Laakhey dance along with Dhimey and Daa (traditional Newari musical instruments) performances etc.

The final day will begin with worship of Lord Indra followed by a chariot procession of the Kumari.

Large numbers of Newars from all over the State and outside are expected to gather for this event.