Biraj and KN Upreti to join HSP

Gangtok, 29 Jul:

Former Minister KN Upreti and president, SNPP, Biraj Adhikari, will soon be joining the Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP], informer the HSP vice-president Bhaichung Bhutia today.

“We are happy and excited on the joining of KN Upreti and Biraj Adikhari. Both are senior politicians who have their share of contributions for Sikkim in their own capacities. Both are also clean politicians and command a lot of respect from the people of Sikkim,” Mr Bhutia added while sharing the information.

When contacted, Mr Adikhari and Mr Upreti confirmed that they will joining the HSP on 05 August. The joining ceremony is scheduled to be hosted at the HSP head office here in Deorali, it is informed.

Meanwhile, Mr Bhutia also informed today that the HSP public meeting East and North districts scheduled to be held at Singtam on 03 August has been postponed to unavoidable circumstances.

“We will hold the meeting in August-end in a bigger and even better way,” he said.

“Also by the end of August, when we hold the public meeting, we will announce the name of our party president,” he added.