Sunday Haat at Kisan Bazaar

Gangtok, 29 Jul:

The SIMFED centre at Kisan Bazaar near Lall Bazaar is attracting vegetable vendors. SIMFED procures vegetables directly from farmers and brings them to the centre at Kisan Bazaar.

Last night, a pick-up full of leafy vegetables, bitter gourd, brinjals and other vegetables reached the Kisan Bazaar. The produce was picked up from farmers of Neya Mangzing in South District, it is informed.

Some of the farmers are also bringing in their produce directly to the Kisan Bazaar.

Phool Maya, 50, from Chujachen has been selling vegetables at Kisan Bazaar since the bazaar opened earlier this year. She shared that she brings in vegetables from her village and sometimes also procures from the SIMFED wholesale outlet located at the Kisan Bazaar itself.

Mary Gurung of Lingtam-Padamchen has also maintained a stall at Kisan Bazaar since its inception.

She informs that she sells vegetables procured from the SHGs of her village and that to add variety she also procures supplies from the SIMFED wholesale outlet.

Santosh Prasad, fruit vendor at Lall Bazaar, who visits the SIMFED outlet to procure organic bananas, said that the quality and variety of bananas sold by SIMFED was good.

SIMFED inspector Tshering Tamang and his team arrived at the SIMFED centre at Kisan Bazaar at 6 a.m. this morning to take stock of the vegetables.