Government employee in every house,work for every contractor: CM

Gangtok, 30 Jul:

Chief Minister PawanChamling today announced that one member of every household in the State will be provided with a government job on Muster Roll or Ad hoc basis while speaking at the State level Sammelan for Rural and Urban Local Bodies.

“Panchayatswill have to visit every house in their respective villages and find households where no one is employed.They have to make an application for one member of such family and forward it to me,” said the CM.

The CM further informed the Panchayats that works are being sanctioned and funds being allocated for the demands passed during his 32-day Jan Samparka Jan Sammelan tour.

“In Aug, schemes amounting to Rs1,000 croreare being sanctioned and works up to Rs 2 crore will be tendered at the Panchayat level. Works at the villages are to be done by local unemployed youth in groups and local contractors,” said the CM.

He further added that all needful arrangements should be made to distribute these works to all 25,630 contractors of the State.

In his address, the CM also highlighted on the progress in the State’s Panchayati Raj Institution since the Sikkim Democratic Front Government was formed.

“Earlier, Panchayatswere not provided with salaries and other facilities. After our Government came to power, we decentralisedpowers to the Panchayats and also offered them salaries. We also gave reservation for all communities and 50% reservation for women in Panchayat. Panchayats should not let people lose their faith on the PanchayatiRaj Institution of the State,” said the CM.

Government employees from departments like RMDD, Energy and Power, Health, etc should visit all households as ‘Grievance Surveryor’ and prepare a survey of the problems faced by the people, he added.

He appealed to all to support the State’s Organic Mission while stressing on ensuring that the organic shops in bazaar areas are utilized by valid organic farmers of the State only.

“Each GPU will get one shop in these organic markets. Panchayats should ensure that undeserving persons do not get these shops,” he added.

Speaking about the housing schemes of the State Government, the CM said, “In the 2014 election, many house allotment orders were distributed to the people. Panchayats must visit each house and check the orders. On orders of those who genuinely need houses, mention ‘needy’. Those who have houses but have house allotment orders, convince them to take house upgradation scheme and write ‘house upgradation’ in their orders. In 02-04 monthstime, we will distribute house schemes to the needy persons and house upgradation schemes to others.”

He also asked the Panchayatsto educate the people on the recent decision taken by the Government with regard to safeguard of land belonging to the people of the Sherpa community and also the safeguard of land of the BLs under the provision of Revenue Order No.1.Similarly, people should be made aware that all sections of the people are treated equally in our State and no person has been deprived of his/her rights and privileges.

Panchayats need to pro-actively participate in the on-going door-to-door campaign of the SDF party, said the CM.