Karmapa dispels rumours, says he will return to India

Gangtok, 31 Jul:

Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje has clarified that unlike being speculated in some circles, he has no doubts that he will be returning “pretty soon”.

The Karmapa, it may be recalled, has been on a lecture tour of USA and while earlier scheduled to return to India latest by end-June, when he extended his stay in the US, it led to speculations that he did not have any plans to returning.

The Karmapa cleared the air on the issue in a recent interview with Radio Free Asia’s Tibet News segment.

He did let on that there were some matters that required to be clarified with the Government of India and that talks were currently underway on that front.

The interview quotes the Karmapa as saying, “Generally, on the issue of whether I would go back to India or not, personally, I have no special doubts or confusion. That’s why, earlier it was planned to go back by the end of June.”

“Prior to going back to India and that too pretty soon, I thought of having talks with Government of India and issue clarifications. It is important because there were a lot of rumours being spread about my stay here in USA. There were even some spreading rumours of me going to China. Therefore, these were matters requiring clarifications and it was imperative to talk and clear the air with the Government of India. Actually, these talks are going on right now,” he adds.

He further reiterates, “Once, these talks are over and the outcomes are fruitful, I am all set to go to India... I cannot confirm the exact dates. There is a conference of Tibetan Religious Heads being planned in the month of November at Dharamsala. I consider it important to participate in it. That’s when I am hoping I can go back… One reason was to have detailed health check-up and secondly, in these 18 years in India I haven’t had any vacation. And also because of facing all kind of challenges both inside and outside, had some problems with both body and mind. Therefore, took this opportunity to have a vacation and also to give both body and mind some rest. That’s why stayed here for this long.”