SDF North holds co-ordination meet with business community of district

Mangan, 01 Aug:

Sikkim Democratic Front’s North Sikkim unit today convened a co-ordination and interaction meet between the All Sikkim Democratic Traders’ Front [ASDTF] and business community of Mangan at the SDF party office here.

The meeting was chaired by Forest Minister, Tshering Wangdi Lepcha, who also happens to be the area MLA, accompanied by District President, SDF North, Pintso Namgyal Lepcha, Cheli Morcha Convenor, Zangmoo Bhutia [Mangan Nagar Panchayat President], ASDTF members, Santosh Lohia and Sachin Agarwal, along with the business community of Mangan.

District President [SDF North], Mr Lepcha, in his address informed that SDF, under the leadership of party president Pawan Chamling, has been providing protection to every business households in the district along with grants equal to other locals.

“The party has not been partial to anyone which is why everyone needs to work in cooperation in order to provide positive strength to the party,” said Mr Lepcha.

Area MLA, TW Lepcha, stated that he had come to interact with business households and communities of the district and as per SDF party’s directions while welcoming public opinions, suggestion and solutions from the public.

In an open interaction session, several members of business community raised issues with regard to Residential Certificates.

“So many candidates have applied for Residential Certificates 15 months back but till now they have not been issued the certificate,” informed one of the members.

Another member, a vegetable vendor, said “There is a ban on subletting of shops in rural areas in Lachen-Mangan constituency. However, in a week, we receive organic green veggies supply only twice. It has resulted in failure to fulfill public demand.”

Addressing their issues, Mr Lepcha assured every possible support in resolving their issues.

“We will try to solve the Residential Certificate issuance delay problems at the earliest. With regard to the ban on subletting of shope, all non local businessmen forum will be allowed to operate their business as it was earlier. We will talk personally with Mr Chamling for more beneficial works for constituency,” added Mr Lepcha.