SLTTJAC remind govt of 2-month commitment to get LT seats

Gangtok, 03 Aug:

A meeting of the central executive committee of the Sikkim Limboo Tamang Tribal Joint Action Committee, chaired by its president, SP Limboo, here on 01 August, discussed the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue and other future programmes of the organisation, a press release of the organization informs.

The meeting discussed that the LT seat reservation which has been pending till date due to what the SLTTJAC sees as the “failure of the State government” in taking appropriate and sincere steps in time.

The release adds that due to vote politics, members of Limboo and Tamang community have been deprived of their political rights for 15 years and that injustice continues to be meted out to these two communities in the seat reservation issue.

The release mentions that Limboos and Tamangs started receiving different benefits of their Scheduled Tribes status only after five years of their recognition as ST, job reservation for LTs should be 15% as per their population but it was given at 14% and now further decreased to 13%, delay in the land protection act for LT etc.

The release adds that committee has done all the work to get their constitutional rights and that now the two communities were all set for the last fight to get their seats.

The release states that since the State government announced to reserve seats within two months, the government should fulfill its words.

The release adds the Limboos and Tamangs of Sikkim were ready to go to any extent to get their seats if the government would fail to do so in two months.