First Rashmi Prasad Alley Puraskar to be conferred on KN Sharma

Gangtok, 06 Aug:

Recently formed Sikkim Pragya Pratishtan [SPP] has announced that the first Rashmi Prasad Alley Puraskar will be conferred on respected litterateur, former bureaucrat, KN Sharma, for his outstanding contributions towards Nepali literature.

This prestigious award in the memory the late Rashmi Prasad Alley, who has made commendable contributions to the fields of academics and literature in Sikkim, will be presented during the state-level celebration of Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas on 20 August here in the capital.

This was announced at a press conference here this afternoon.

SPP was formed on 03 July 2018 with the aim to promote and conserve languages, literature, art and folk cultures. On the occasion, SPP patron, Kiran Rasaily, also released the SPP logo.

Addressing the press conference, SPP general secretary, Puran Tamang, Editor, SummitTimes, mentioned that the organisation has been formed by a group of likeminded people from different fields with an aim to promote and conserve languages, literature, art and folk cultures.

He added that as a first major event, SPP was celebrating the state-level Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas in a grand manner.

He also clarified that the organisation was not confined to Nepali language and will work for the promotion and preservation for other languages of the State with various events in the near future.

SPP president, Anita Niroula, mentioned that a five-member jury selected Mr Sharma for the first Rashmi Prasad Alley Puraskar for his outstanding contributions to Nepali literature. She informed that the award comprises of a cash component of Rs 31,000, a memento and a certificate.

Likewise, SPP executive member, Prabin Khaling, informed that Mr Sharma was a former Secretary of the State Government and a respected litterateur of the State and has published nine important books, including a translation of Indian Penal Code into Nepali and poem collections.

He added that the jury members have selected him to highlight his immense contributions towards Nepali language and literature and the society.

Speaking on the life and contributions of late Rashmi Prasad Alley, SPP president, Ms Niroula mentioned that he was a writer and an educationist who was instrumental in starting the teaching of Nepali language in Sikkim.

She informed that he prepared teaching materials and started teaching Nepali language from his own house and also started the celebration of Bhanu Jayanti in Sikkim.

He also led various organisations in the State successfully and worked exceptionally hard in the language, culture and education sectors.

Likewise, SPP executive members, Bhim Rawat and Joseph Lepcha informed that the around two-hour long Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas celebration will have a 45-minute long panel discussion by experts, interactive sessions and cultural presentations by celebrities and local artists.

They informed that the celebration was mainly targeted at students from in and around Gangtok.