USFC enter semis after beating Sikkim Police in extra time


Gangtok, 08 Aug:

United Sikkim Football Club has entered the semi-final round of the Independence Day Football Tournament for Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal Memorial Cup 2018 here at Paljor Stadium. In the first nail-biting quarter-final match today, United Sikkim FC edged past Sikkim Police 2-1 to secure a berth in the semi-final round.

Both the teams played neck-to-neck throughout the match. Players of both the teams put constant pressure on each other from the start with attacks and counter-attacks but missed the net many times.

Finally, Kilp Barfungpa found the net to score the lead for United Sikkim in the 30th minute. Sikkim Police launched continuous attacks from the early minutes of the second half to bounce back into the match.

Ongchuk Namgyal Sherpa turned the cross of his teammate into the equaliser for Sikkim Police in the 66th minute. Both the teams played aggressively to take the lead in the match but could not score further and the full time of match ended in 1-1 draw.

The match further extended for 30 minutes extra time.

Early in extra time, substitute Karan Rai extended the lead for the United Sikkim FC in the 96th minute earning them the 2-1 victory over Sikkim Police.

On 09 Aug, the second quarter-final match will be played between the State Sports Academy and ASC, Bangalore.