“Went to jail alone, returned to find thousands of Golays in Sikkim”

Singtam, 10 Aug:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha [SKM] president, Prem Singh Tamang [Golay], reached Singtam Bazaar at around 3.30 pm today where a large number of party supporters had gathered to welcome him.

Upon his arrival, SKM party workers felicitated Mr Tamang and SKM MLAs KN Lepcha and Sonam Lama. SKM had raised funds from party workers to purchase and gift one Scorpio vehicle to the party president, the keys of which were presented to him during the felicitation ceremony.

Addressing the huge gathering, Mr Tamang said he had surrendered himself respecting the court’s decision and completed his one year jail-term.

“I went to jail carrying your blessings and love. I was not afraid and had not lost hope. I was confident that though one Golay is in jail, thousands of Golays will be born in Sikkim in my absence. Today, I can see lakhs of Golays in Sikkim. I was in jail but SKM workers took my vision and thoughts across Sikkim. I will never forget the love and support you have extended and I will never betray your trust,” he said in an emotional address.

Mr Tamanag thanked SKM acting president, KN Lepcha, and chief coordinator, Sonam Lama, for leading the party in his absence.

He then offered khadas to Mr Lepcha and Mr Lama as a token of his gratitude.

The SKM president went on to allege that when the decision of the High Court was out, the Sikkim Democratic Front tried to spread a propaganda contending that he will not return to Sikkim due to fear of going to jail.

“However, their propaganda failed when I surrendered and went to jail. The corruption case against me was of 1997. I was then an SDF Minister. If I had committed a mistake, why did the SDF Government take zero action till 2008? They only initiated the charge-sheet against me when I started raising the people’s voice of Parivartan against the tyranny of the SDF government in 2009. They filed the charge sheet and the decision of the lower court came in 2016. There was a big conspiracy in filing the charge sheet against me after I revolted. Before that I was given a party ticket at every election. The case was made just to end my political career,” he alleged.

While expressing confidence of forming an SKM Government in 2019, Mr Tamang said, “Golay does not have buildings, hotels or big plots of land in Gangtok. People are aware of people who own such luxuries. Golay only has blessings, love and support of the people. I will take forward the Parivartan mission. This is my responsibility now and SKM will form the government in 2019 which will be Garib Ko Sarkar.”

Mr Tamang further accused SDF of spreading rumours that he will not be eligible to contest election till 2024 or hold the Chief Minister’s chair till then.

“But the people of Sikkim have rejected such propaganda and the massive turnout of people today is a stinging reply to SDF. I say that the concern is not whether Golay can or cannot contest elections, the question is whether SDF can form the government in 2019 or not. Golay has not come to become the CM but to liberate people of Sikkim from the dictatorship of SDF. The Election Commission of India will decide whether I can contest for the elections or not,” he said.

After his speech, the SKM president and party workers headed towards Singling, near Soreng in West Sikkim where it is informed that Mr Tamang will be meeting his parents and take their blessings.

It is further informed that SKM will resume its party activities from 16 Aug.