Golay lashes out, alleges undue political pressure on govt employees


Gangtok, 19 Aug:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party president, PS Tamang [Golay], today alleged political pressure and interference in the State administration. He further contended that government officials and employees have been working in an environment of fear and suppression and were not being able to work freely as per their capacities.

Mr Tamang was speaking at the inauguration of SKM zonal party office here at Lall Bazaar under Arithang constituency today.

Also on the occasion, 123 families from different constituencies joined the SKM. SKM also raised a sum of Rs 23,240 from party workers and supporters during the programme as relief support for flood victims in Kerala.

In his address, Mr Tamang thanked the party workers and supporters for strengthening SKM during his absence when he was in prison for the past year serving time for a corruption conviction.

He urged party workers to continue with their task to “liberate” the people from all bondages at the grassroot level.

“I was conspired against and put into jail to kill our movement, but I am really happy and satisfied that our movement grew even stronger in my absence. Now, immense love and support of the people has filled me with new energy to work more for the people,” he shared.

Mr Tamang stated that SKM does not depend on a single person and this was proven over the past year and stressed that the party believes in teamwork which is why “all conspiracies of the ruling party failed”.

“I am happy to see the lakhs of PS Golays have been born in the State to take our Kranti forward,” he said.

While congratulating the party workers and supporters for strengthening the party in his absence, he expressed that no power will now stop SKM from forming the government in 2019.

Mr Tamang went on to accuse the SDF of resorting to manipulative gimmicks instead of politics of ideology. He lashed out saying that the ruling party has been indulging in politics of statues just to play with the emotions of the people for its own political benefits. “If SDF party is really concerned and wants to give respect to these people then it should take care of their family members,” he said.

While accusing the Chief Minister of making false announcements in his speeches, the SKM president asserted that the CM should not only limit his announcements to speeches but also follow up with work on ground.

Referring to the CM’s statement on Nepali seats, he asserted that if the CM was really concerned about the Sikkimese Nepali then SDF should pass a resolution for Nepali seats in the State Assembly and send it to the Centre.

Mr Tamang accused the ruling party of nepotism and favouritism in appointment in government jobs. He also mocked the SDF government as a “withdrawal government” for repeatedly withdrawing its own notifications.

The SKM president also alleged political pressure and interference in the State administration. He added that the State Vigilance has been used as a weapon just to instill fear in government employees.

He added that despite many vigilance raids in the recent past, no charge sheets have been filed against anyone proving thereby that these were just weapons to scare government employees.

He stated that the only chargesheet filed was against his wife and that too just for political revenge.

Mr Tamang alleged injustice and pressure on the government employees and contended that the State government has not been working in the interest of government employees.

“Due to political pressure, victimization and political transfer, government employees have been coming to SKM party,” he said.

He also stated that SKM would never misuse Vigilance and Police departments to exact revenge and would ensure that these agencies worked as per the law.

“I am not a businessman politician who builds hotels in each new term. I have sacrificed everything for the people of the State. So vigilance and such action will not frighten or discourage us,” he expressed.

He further accused the SDF party of politicizing sportspersons to meet their own political ends.

He lashed out at the State government for poor services and facilities in the health sector. He went on to state that the Health Department is being run on the backs of doctors appointed on adhoc basis under the NHM scheme. On the same, he demanded that the government immediately regularise all adhoc doctors.

He alleged that due to bad politics of the State government, all specialist doctors of Sikkim have been working in Siliguri. He announced that on the day of the forming the government, SKM would convert the CM’s official residence, Mintokgang, as into a Cancer Hospital and provide free treatment to patients there.

Mr Tamang also clarified that the SKM was not against the organic mission but was opposed to corruption in the name of organic farming. He added that everyone has been suffering due to this mission and only SIMFED and a handful of people have benefitted.

He demanded the government to immediately provide salaries of at least Rs 20,000 to local youths working under this mission who have been paid poorly.

Earlier, the SKM acting president, KN Lepcha, stated that SKM enjoys large support among the youth and women of Sikkim. He encouraged the party workers to work continuously to bring Parivartan and good governance in the State.

SKM chief coordinator, Sonam Lama also encouraged the party workers to continue with the movement which had resumed on 10 August to give justice to the people. The programme was also addressed by other leaders and workers of the party.