SDF condemns Golay’s allegations, advises him to do some homework

Gangtok, 20 Aug:

Sikkim Democratic Front has strongly criticised and condemned what it rejects as false and baseless claims of SKM president, PS Tamang [Golay] leveled by him at a party office inauguration here yesterday. The ruling party has instead advised Mr Tamang to update his knowledge before issuing any baseless statement.

An SDF press release issued by its general secretary, DB Katwal, counters that to distract from his deeds and conviction in a corruption case, the SKM President has shamefully attacked the awareness of the people.

SKM should know that SDF has already made the people aware in the last 25 years about the truth and ground realities.

The release states that to think that people were unaware and that their endorsement of SDF for five terms now was a mistake was to cast doubts on democracy itself and was a big conspiracy to promote dictatorial tendencies and anarchy.

The SDF has strongly condemned and criticised such contemptible and wrongful statements of SKM, the release reiterates.

The release mentions that Mr Tamang’s attempts to paint himself as innocent despite a court conviction upheld by higher courts as well revealed his hypocrisy and disdain for people’s intelligence.

The release adds that SDF was a party working as per the suggestions and needs of the people and does not expect anything from another political party which was only wanted to come to power. On the same, it is added that the ruling party was confident that the people would endorse the performance of the SDF government in the next election as well.

The release adds that a handful reactionaries and opportunists in the SKM cannot be considered as political critics capable of making creative or positive suggestions.

The release also highlights that Mr Tamang’s announcement to convert Mintokgang into a cancer hospital reveals his lack of knowledge about requirements of infrastructure and equipment for such a speciality hospital.

The release further mentions that Mr Tamang has copied this statement from the new Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The release further mentions that due to the complete democracy institutionalized in the State, 6 lakh Sikkimese were free to get involved in politics and that Mr Tamang was among these 6 lakh to enjoy the fruits of democracy nurtured by the SDF Government.