Dodrupchen Rinpoche has not predicted any calamity: Monastery authorities reassure

“Rinpoche has only directed some special prayers to held, not warned of any disaster waiting to happen”

Chorten Monastery at Deorali, Gangtok.

Gangtok, 23 Aug:

The office of Dodrupchen Rinpoche here at the Chorten Monastery at Deorali has dismissed claims that the Rinpoche has predicted any calamity for Sikkim. Such claims, it may be recalled, have gone viral over social media platforms and have understandably caused some amount of panic and concern.

“Claims circulating on social media and WhatsApp regarding a supposed prediction by Dodrupchen Rinpoche about a calamity awaiting to hit Sikkim are totally untrue. The Rinpoche has made no such predictions or issued any such warning. There is nothing to worry or fear,” stressed the Secretary to Dodrupchen Rinpoche, LopenSangayDorjee, when contacted for comment today.

For the past few days,anonymous voice notes and text messages are being widely circulated through the medium of social media and WhatsApp claiming Dodrupchen Rinpoche’s prediction of a calamity hitting the State soon creating fear among the masses.

SummitTimes today visited Dodrupchen Rinpoche’s seat here at Chorten Gumpa to follow up on the matter.

The monastery authorities and the Secretary to Dodrupchen Rinpoche informed that they received a letter from Dodrupchen Rinpoche on 12 Aug wherein he directed that some important prayers, pujas and mantra recitations be conducted for maintaining peace and harmony in the State and the rest of the world.

Dodrupchen Rinpoche has mentioned the names of nine Zindas [patrons] who are closely associated with him who have been passed various responsibilities of conducting these prayers throughout the State.

“The Dodrupchen Rinpoche’s letter which is in Tibetan language clearly mentions only the pujas that should be conducted and there is no prediction of any calamity happening in Sikkim,” said Tulku Dawa Sangpo of Chorten Gumpa.

Speaking to SummitTimes, Secretary of Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Lopen Sangay Dorjee, said that the prayers mentioned in the letter of the Rinpoche are very important and incur heavy expenditure which is why the Rinpoche has directed the Zindas to take necessary action.

Tulku Dawa Sangpo went on to further clarify: “There are no predictions of calamities waiting to happen in the letter or anything to be afraid of. To maintain the established peace and harmony in Sikkim, the Dodrupchen Rinpoche has directed such pujas to be performed. Though we conduct such prayers regularly, this may be the first time that the Rinpoche has instructed it to be conducted as mentioned.”

“Every Gumpa does not have enough number of monks so it will be a tough job to perform the recitation at once in a single monastery. Hence, works and recitation are distributed amongst all Gumpas and the Dodrupchen Rinpoche has specially directed to perform the Neten Chagchod which is homage and offerings to Sthaviras, elders at the Chuklakhang Monastery in Gangtok and has been already initiated,” he added.

The letter from Dodrupchen Rinpoche

The Dodrupchen Rinpoche, in the letter, has instructed the monks and Zindas to make arrangements to perform recitation of Kajur [108 volumes], Zangchod Monlam [Aspiration Prayer of Excellent Deeds] and Neten Chagchod [Homage & Offerings to Sthaviras, Elders] at various Gumpas.

The recitation of Kajur [108 volumes] is to be recited 100 times and a monk takes four days to perform the recitation of only one volume of 108.

The recitation of Zangchod Monlam [Aspiration Prayer of Excellent Deeds] is to be performed One lakh times while the Neten Chagchod [Homage & Offerings to Sthaviras, Elders] is to be recited 10,000 times, it is informed.

The Secretary to the Dodrupchen Rinpoche has urged everyone to act responsibly and to ignore rumours of such predictions.

Similarly, the Tulku of Chorten Monastery has urged all to come forward to be a part of this holy recitation and contribute with an open heart.

It may be mentioned here that the 93-year-old Dodrupchen Rinpoche is currently in USA and is expected to return next month.

Kyabjé Dodrupchen Rinpoche, the Fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoche,TubtenTrinlé Pal Zangpo is one of the most important living masters in the Nyingma and Dzogchen traditions. As the fourth incarnation of Dodrupchen Jikmé Trinlé Özer, the heart-son of Jikmé Lingpa who revealed the Longchen Nyingthik, Dodrupchen Rinpoche is the principal holder of the Longchen Nyingtik teachings.

Dodrupchen Rinpoche was the sole holder and fundamental dharma possessor of the complete Great Perfection Longchen Nying-thik. “Longchen” means the boundlessly vast dharmadhatu, and “Nying-thik” means mind essence.