Temi Tea and Mr Sikkim blend well together: Temi Tea MD

inConversation with Temi Tea MD, Mrinalini Srivastava

Gangtok, 24 Aug:

Temi Tea, one of Sikkim’s most iconic brands, has tied up with Mr Sikkim 2018 Manhunt as its title sponsor. With both brands espousing similar ideals particularly creativity, the first if its kind event promises to bring forth talents that represents today’s Sikkim.

Its Managing Director, Mrinalini Srivastava, spoke exclusively to Summittimes.

ST: Why choose Mr Sikkim?

MD: Established in 1969, the Temi Estate brings to the tea lovers a range of exclusive flavours. The estate stands for its tradition, history and exclusivity. The tea from Temi proudly retains its legacy, character and aroma. These qualities made it a natural alliance of the Mr Sikkim 2018 which aims to be an exclusive event showcasing the legacy of quintessential Sikkimese men who represent charisma, creativity, endurance, passion, knowledge, sensitivity, tenderness, truth wisdom and spiritual wealth all arising from the Sikkimese tradition way of living and sense of harmony and coexistence.

The men of this order are men who leave their positive imprint on the evolution of sikkim society towards the highest plane of Social delivery.

On similar lines, Temi Tea is known to be amongst the finest of teas and has today carved its niche. The distinct landscape of the Tea Estate gives each sip, a character that is wholly unmatched. Grown at elevations ranging from 1400-2000 metres above sea level, each season at the Temi Tea Estate moulds every flush differently.

ST: What is the aim behind this mega event?

MD: Temi Tea Mr Sikkim powered by Sikkim Chronicle and Accelerator aims to bring about to its audience with organic, healthy, high quality standard of Sikkim's people and products. We believe that in the process we protect the environment, develop our society and strengthen the government in its purpose of disease free healthy holistic ORGANIC Sikkim.