Pravachan on Bitak and TartamSagar at PranamiMandir from 26 Aug

Gangtok, 25 Aug:

Sri Krishna Pranami Dharma SewaSamiti ofPani House, Gangtokwill be organizing weeklong pravachan [religious discourse] on Bitak and TartamSagar at PranamiMandirin Lower Pani House from 26 Aug to 01 Sept to commemorate the 4th birth centenary of founder of Sri Krishna PranamiNijanandaSampradaya, Sri PrannathSwamijiMaharaj.

The pravachan which will be conducted by Maharaj Sri Gita Prasad Sapkota from Thekabung, East Sikkim between 5p.m and 8p.m every day till 01 Sept, a press release informs.

Further, the Samitihas also decided to celebrate Janmasthami and Sri Krishna PrakatyaMahotsav with great religious fervor and gaiety on 02 Sept which will be marked by bhajans, dandiyanritya, raamat, pravachan, quiz competition and other events.

The Samitihas invited all to attend the BitakCharcha and Sri Krishna PrakatyaMahotsav to receive divine blessings and experience spiritual awakening.

It may be mentioned here, Sri Krishna Pranami Dharma SewaSamiti,Pani House is a spiritual and social organization which works for peace and communal harmony by spreading the teachings and love of Lord Sri Krishna as enshrined in the holy scriptures of Gita, ShrimadBhagwat and TartamSagar.