Opposition ignorant over upliftment of women in State: SDF

Gangtok, 27 Aug:

Sikkim Democratic Front general secretary [press & publicity], Kavita Subba, has said that opposition parties in Sikkim lack courage and are intellectually weak to accept the improvement in status of women during the 25 years of the Sikkim Democratic Front government in the State.

She mentioned that instead of accepting the historic and unique initiatives of SDF government towards women’s empowerment, the opposition parties have only been spreading propaganda to deceive and mislead people of Sikkim which she strongly condemns.

Addressing a press conference here today, Ms Subba mentioned that due to the unique initiatives of the SDF government for women’s empowerment these last 25 years, Sikkimese women are presently ahead in all sectors in the State. Under the visionary leadership of party president, Pawan Chamling, women in Sikkim have been working equally as men in all areas to serve the State.

Ms Subba mentioned that although SDF government has reserved 50% seats for women in Panchayats, more than 50% of women representatives are presently serving as Panchayats in the State.

While mentioning various initiatives of SDF government for women, SDF spokesperson, Neeru Sewa, stated that the SDF government has changed the perception of the people towards women in the State which has been helping women to work independently.

She added that SDF government has also been working towards providing help to women at the grassroot level thus encouraging them to identify their skills and talents. The government has been providing required training and support to make them financially empowered and independent, she said.

Responding to media queries, SDF spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, stated that SDF will again form the government in Sikkim for the sixth consecutive time.

Lashing out at the opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha, Mr Dahal stated that since SKM had fought the 2014 election it has some old supporters and the party is taking the same supporters to all its meetings in different parts of the State to fake a gathering and deceive people.

On the same, he said that SKM has not gained any momentum after the release of its president, PS Tamang [Golay], from jail.

On SKM terming the day of Mr Tamang’s release as Jan Unmukti Diwas, Mr Dahal said, “How can it be a Jan Unmukti when the head himself has just been released from jail after completing his imprisonment for conviction in a corruption case.”

MrDahalalso accused the SKM president of misleading drivers and other people in the transport sector in Sikkim with wrong information.

He also accused Hamro Sikkim Party of misleading government employees on the issue ofthe 5th Pay Commission.

Meanwhile, he congratulated ShriniwasPatil for successfully completing his tenure as the Governor of Sikkim on behalf of the SDF party and the people of Sikkim. He further expressed best wishes to him for future programmes and for good health. He also extended best wishes to the new Governor Ganga Prasad.

The press conference was also addressed by SDF spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen, who spoke on the Land Rights Bill.

“Our leader has shown outright leadership and statesmanship by taking the right decision for the protection of lands of Sherpa community in Sikkim,” he expressed.

Mr Gyaltsen informed that the Companies Act 1961 of Sikkim was never repealed but it was just amended by the previous government in year 1981. He stated that Denzong Sherpa Association has been trying to mislead people.