Maneybong-Dentam MLA responds to Golay’s allegations

GANGTOK, 28 Aug:

Minister for Urban Development & Housing Department, NK Subba today said that all eight constituencies in West Sikkim are with the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front.

The Maneybong-Dentam MLA refuted and condemned all allegations made by Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president, PS Tamang [Golay] during a programme held at Dentam on Monday. He stated that around 1500 SKM supporters from across the State had been brought to the programme to fake a show of strength in the district.

“How will SKM form the government with just 1500 supporters?” asked Mr Subba.

While condemning SKM’s allegations, he stated that lots of developmental works have taken place in the constituency and some are still under construction.

Mr Subba stated that it is easy for the opposition to make allegations but transformation, development and progress of Sikkim shows the work done by the SDF government.

Speaking on the SKM allegation that people of the constituency have been kept busy with football tournament, talent show and tourist festival to distract them from the lack of development in Maneybong-Dentam, he said that Maneybong-Dentam is not Gangtok and the people need entertainment.

“The people of the area are themselves coming up with these creative and productive activities and we are just facilitating their initiatives,” he stated.

He added that tourism festivals and similar activities have developed tourism in the area and also increased the tourist inflow in the area.

On claims of huge number of SDF workers joining SKM, he stated that SKM got around 2400 votes in the 2014 election and the same people have now become active.

He further stated that car rallies in the State will not helpget Assembly seat reservation for Limboo and Tamang communities. SDF has been raising this issue at the right platforms and Limboo and Tamang will get their seats soon, he added.