SKM alleges attack on supporter by SDF functionaries

Gangtok, 28 Aug:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has alleged that SDF party functionaries threatened and tried to attack an SKM member at Chitray Gaon in Naya Bazaar, West Sikkim on 27 Aug.

Addressing a press conference here today, SKM spokesperson, Jacob Khaling, informed that during an SDF door-to-door campaign at Chitray Gaon, two SDF functionaries - Shova Rai and Bishay Rai, threatened and tried to attack SKM member, Bhim Pal Prasad, when he refused to place an SDF flag on his house.

Following the same, Mr Prasad has filed a written complaint against the duo at Naya Bazaar Police Station.

Mr Khaling questioned whether the door-to-door campaign of the SDF was intended to intimidate the people.

“But now due to SKM party, people have been daring to come out to file FIRs against such acts of SDF. We strongly condemn the conduct of the ruling party and we cannot tolerate such acts of overt pressure,” he added.

Mr Khaling stated that this incident also shows that people have become aware and are ready to challenge such acts of the ruling party.

He alleged that SDF had first tried to disturb the SKM Jan Unmukti rally at Namchi Bazaar on 10 Aug and on the same night, SKM supporters were allegedly attacked at Daramdin in West Sikkim.

He also condemned all allegations of the ruling party made during a press conference on 27 Aug.

While condemning the allegation of SDF party on SKM misleading the youth of Sikkim, Mr Khaling stated that SKM was instead guiding the youth and showing the right path to those who have been, suppressed and misled by the SDF Government for more than two decades.

He added that if SDF party had not misled the youths then they would have not approached SKM seeking direction.

“SDF has no capacity to see and accept new things happening in the State. The whole State witnessed a new dimension in politics and new enthusiasm on 10 Aug,” said Mr Khaling.

SKM publicity secretary, Ranjana Pradhan, contended that women in the SDF party have been confined to carrying party flags and raising slogans, were not allowed to express themselves and were compelled to talk only about the vision and dream of the party president.

SKM general secretary, Bikash Basnet, stated that if the SKM had not gained momentum after 10 Aug [when its party president completed his prison term] then SDF would not have started to work so rigorously.

Likewise, publicity secretary, Abhishek Sharma alleged the ruling party has been copying programmes of SKM party.