NHM nurses request State Govt for regularization Clarify that no NHM nurses took part in demonstrati

GANGTOK, 01 Sept:

Forty-four staff nurses who have been working under the National Health Mission in different government hospitals and health centres of the State for more than five years now have requested the State Government to recruit them as regular government employees.

While a group of nurses had demonstrated outside the Chief Minister’s official residence, Mintokgang, on Friday demanding that they be recruitedas regular government employees, the group of 44 nurses today addressed a press conference stating that they were not part of the demonstration.

Both the groups have demanded that they be recruited along with 261 candidates who have been recently appointed as staff nursesafter written examination and interview conducted by Sikkim Public Service Commission.

Addressing a press conference here today, the second group of nurses stated that it would be an injustice to senior nurses if they are not absorbed in the department as they have been working under NHM for many years now. They mentioned that some nurses have been working for more than 12 years and many of them have crossed the age bar and are not eligible to appear in any interviews.

They mentioned that they have also submitted many memorandums to the concerned authorities regarding their regularization.

“During his recent 32-day State tour, the CM has also repeatedly assured to regularise us so we have full faith in him. In a recent meeting on 28 August, the Minister and Secretary of Health Department have also assured us verbally,” they informed.

On the same, they urged the government for immediate absorption of staff nurses working under NHM for more than 5 years in the department along with the recent 261 staff nurses appointed by the SPSC.

The nurses in the press conference today said that no staff nurses working under NHM were present in the demonstration staged infront of Mintokgang.

They also congratulated the CM for being the longest serving CM of the country and for leading the State towards development and prosperity.