SDF has lost its grounds in West district: HSP

Gangtok, 01 Sept:

Nepali booklet, ‘Aagua Raja Ko 25 BarseySashan’, written by former Minister and leader of Hamro Sikkim Party, KN Upreti, was launched at the HSP head-office inDeorali today.

Accompanying MrUpretifor the launch wereHSP spokesperson,BirajAdhikari, HSP vice presidents, Ran BahadurSubba and Bhaichung Bhutia.

Addressing the gathering, MrUpreti said, “I have written the booklet in my individual capacity. It consists of my observations on the difference between the pervious and present society of Sikkim. It also exposes the lies fed to the people by Sikkim Democratic Front party and on the burning issues of Sikkim.”

Spokesperson, HSP, MrAdhikariinformed that the programmes of the party will be unveiled during the public meeting scheduled to be held at Singtamin East Sikkim within this month of Sept.

“We have already started working in South and West districts. After holding the public meeting at Singtam, we will be visiting different parts of East district,” he added.

When asked about SDF’s regular statements on West Sikkim being its fort, HSP vice president, MrSubba, said, “SDF is confident that it will take all eight seats from West Sikkim but it does not know that it is losing support of the people in the district. West Sikkim is not their fort anymore. Their roots are decaying. They have lost their grounds there and they will realize it the day they fall on their face.”