Janmashtami celebration commences in the capital with religious fervor

Gangtok, 02 Sep:

Celebration of Hindu festival of Janmashtami, marking the birth of Lord Krishna, has commenced today across the State today and will culminate on 03 Sept with religious ceremonies like chariot processions and bhajan signings across temples.

Capital Gangtok has also observed the festival in a grand manner with devotees and priests paying obeisance to baby Krishna or ‘Krishna lalla’ by observing fasting followed by holding religious rituals which will ultimately culminate in enactment of Krishna’s birth through rituals at midnight today.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness [ISCKON] is observing the festival today with a religious programme in the capital with religious devotion. The programme has attracted devotees from across the country and the world.

“We want to observe this festival here in Gangtok with a message of humanity and oneness,” said an ISCKON member, Madhav.

He has also invited members from all communities and religions to converge in the two-daylong celebration starting today.

Many international religious tourists are also in the capital to observe this festival and also to perform religious musical dances and acts.

A devout lady from Russia states that the ultimate human goal is happiness and she adds that worshipping of Lord Krishna and seeking refuge in him has made her a better person.

Terming her Sikkim visit as beautiful, she said that all the turmoil that the world is now going through can be stopped with pure heart and devotion to God.

Vaishnava sub sect of Hinduism particularly observe this festival with grand fervour in Krishna temples and other temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Lord Vishnu and all forms of Vishnu to mark this day as one of the most important days in the calendar.

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Chalamthang, South Sikkim recently completed by the State Government is also observing the festival enthusiastically.

However, Hindus across various sects observe the festival as one of the most important days in the year marking the birth of Lord Krishna also known for his eternal message of the Bhagwad Gita, one of the most revered books in Hinduism explaining the importance of selfless duty.

Krishna worship as a movement has now taken an international shape with devotees from across the globe spanning all continents.

Another lady devotee from Ukraine here in the capital for the observance of Janmashtami said that universal consciousness of oneness is one of the chief tenets of Krishna worship with the Lord as the supreme father for all humanity.

Reports have emerged of Janmashtami festival being marked from across the State and the world with devotees observing all-night fasting, bhajan singing, performing religious ceremonies, organising Bhagwad Purana recitations and carrying out religious processions.

The festival is marked as a Gazetted holiday in the State of Sikkim on 03 Sept.

Likewise, many schools and religious-spiritual education centres like Bal Vikash have also marked the festival with children dressing up as Baby Krishna and Radha.