AICC in Sikkim to expose Rafale scam

Gangtok, 04 Sept:

All India Congress Committee [AICC] national spokesperson, JaiveerShergill, lashed out against theBharatiyaJanata Party government at the Centre while addressing a press conference here in Gangtok today. AICC has been holding 100 press conferences in 10 days across the country to expose theRafale scam.

MrShergillalleged that the BJP government has been involved in huge corruption in this deal and is not answering queries of the Congress party and the people of Sikkim on this.

The BJP government has failed transparency, Make in India initiative and technology transformation through this deal, he stated further adding that it has provided benefits to its corporate friend [Anil Ambani] by paying much higher price from the taxpayer’s money in this deal. He also questioned the rationale behind giving the deal to MrAmbani’s company and not to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] which has previous experience in building aircrafts.

The Congress party has been tagged as anti-national by BJP for asking questions on this deal, said MrShergill.

He further stated that corruption and price rise are the torchbearers for the downfall of BJP in 2019. Terming the BJP as an investigation free party rather than a corruption free party, he demanded that BJP conduct investigations on the matter.

The press conference was also addressed by East India in-charge of All India Professional Congress & National Media Panelist, SzaritaLaitphlang, and Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee president, Bharat Basnet.