Uttarakhand Tourism Minister calls on CM, says other States learn from Sikkim

Gangtok, 04 Sept:

Minister for Tourism, Irrigation, Indo Nepal Uttarakhand River Projects, Government of Uttarakhand, SatpaljiMaharaj, called on Chief Minister PawanChamling this morning at his official residence inMintokgang.The delegation led by SatpaljiMaharaj included senior officials of the Government of Uttarakhand who are on an official study tour to Sikkim.

MrMaharaj appreciated the various flagship projects and initiatives undertaken by the State Government and said that Sikkim as aState is a perfect example for other States to learn from.He added that MrChamling is the ambassador of organic farming and congratulated him for all his achievements.

The delegation also raised various queries to the CM on organic farming and his various achievements.

MrChamling, in his address, welcomed all the delegates and thanked them for visiting the State.

Addressing their queries,MrChamling said that the government should work for the benefit of the public and it should be the only objective of any government.

“Government should be able to involve general public in all its initiatives as public participation is most important and without it, no government initiative will be successful,” said MrChamling.

He further informed the delegates about various other initiatives of the State Government and highlighted on organic farming and also informed that the government has banned animal grazing, cutting of trees and has given emphasis on eco-friendly tourism.

He suggested the visiting officerswork on how the government can utilise available natural resources which can be used to create ample opportunities for the people of the State.

MrMaharajalso offered some mementos and books to the CM.

It may be mentioned here,MrMaharajand his team are on a six-day visit to Sikkim and will be in the State till 08 Sept.During his stay in Sikkim, the delegation will be visiting various places in the State as part of their study tour.