CM announces formation of Sikkim Students Welfare Board with grant of Rs 1 crore

Gangtok, 05 Sept:

Chief Minister PawanChamling today made some important announcements with regards to the teaching fraternity of the State.

SarvaShikshaAbhiyan teachers who have been regularized by the state government can now avail the same benefits as regular teachers, it was announced by the Chief Minister today while addressing the gathering at the State level Teachers’ Day celebration held today at Manan Kendra in the capital.

The CM also stated that the government will try its best to regularise all the ad hoc teachers who fulfil all the required criteria.

The government has tried its best to give promotions to teachers including in administrative section, he added.

He further announced the formation of Teachers Recruitment Board for quick reference of Teachers.

The CM also announced the formation of Sikkim Students Welfare Board with grant of Rs 1 crore for students facing crisis.

Informing the audience about the relatively new history of education in Sikkim, he said that under his government the State now has all forms of higher education centres in many disciplines.

He also touched upon the newly formed Sikkim State University and stated that in order to make the university of global standards, the university needs to hone and prepare manpower which dwells on sustainability.

He also advised the new university to focus on market demands and to do something innovative which can empower the state.

"State university is for our Sikkimese students," said the CM.

Speaking on the need to be self-sufficient he said that people will die of hunger if the world does not focus on self-sufficiency in food grains.

Further adding he stated that Sikkim can become self-sufficient through organic mission and tourism.

He also informed of more manpower to be required in transport and tourism sectors.

The CM said that the government is exploring new avenues in all sectors particularly in tourism sector focussing on Buddhist and Hindu circuits.

He also cautioned the people against falling prey to politics based on caste and religion and urged them towards a positive outlook for a knowledge based society.

The CM also announced the formation of a Senior Citizens Welfare Board.