Coordination meeting inspects Chenrezig statue project site

Gyalshing, 06 Sept (IPR): A high-level coordination meeting regarding the completion and inauguration of the Chenrizig Singkham Riwo Potala project at Pelling, which is slated to be inaugurated on 08 October by the Chief Minister was held today at the project site led by Minister, Building and Housing Department, DT Lepcha, accompanied by MLA Chandra Maya Subba, MLA; Mrs. Chief Administrator Rinchen Ongmu, ADC-Gyalshing Karma Lodey Lepcha, SP-West Tenzing Loden Lepcha and other HoDs of different line departments and officials.

Minister Lepcha inspected the project site extensively and instructed the related departmental officials to carry on their work with full vigor and zeal.

He asked the designated contractors to work overtime if required to deliver quality work on schedule.

He also reminded the officials and contractors that the Chenrizig Singkham Riwo Potala was a holy place for pilgrims to visit hence the sanctity of the place needs to be preserved even while work was in progress.

He urged the departments involved to give their all and also coordinate efforts in order to meet the deadline. He specified that the inauguration of such a project was an opportunity for all related to showcase their ability in their own respective ways.

Ms Ongmu also spoke on similar lines and asked the personnel involved to be prompt and carry forward the project as it was a dream project of the CM.

She also instructed that the project should be completed within the stipulated time.