Immature of Bhaichung to write letter to PM: SDF

GANGTOK, 11 Sept: Sikkim Democratic Front has strongly criticised Hamro Sikkim Party vice-president, Bhaichung Bhutia for his recent letter to the Prime Minister. Mr Bhutia has exposed himself with this act of tattling, the ruling party has said. An SDF press release issued by its general secretary [press & publicity], Kavita Subba condemns this act by the HSP vice president and adds that Sikkim is known for its peace, security and development due to farsighted, innovative and pro-people leadership. Politics is a battle of principles and thoughts and it should be in the interest and welfare of the people, the party has said. Writing a letter to the PM by deliberately ignoring the overall development and prestige of Sikkim and contributions of the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is immature and ignorant, the release states. The letter goes against the interest of Sikkim and its people which has also proved that Bhaichung is a bad son, SDF alleges. The party has also questioned the capacity in which Bhaichung Bhutia is asking BJP to break its alliance with SDF. SDF further alleges that the letter to the PM reveals that Bhaichung has been “planted” to carry out agendas of others with vested interests. The alliance of SDF party with NDA was a contribution towards making a stable government at the Centre and to maintain emotional unity between the State and the Country as well as to lead Sikkim into the mainstream in order to fulfil the national aspirations and needs of the people of Sikkim, the party has said. The foundation of SDF and its relationship with BJP was laid by the deep wisdom, trust and sharp nationalist spirit of Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pawan Chamling, the release adds. It further mentions that SDF is in the NEDA and NDA with the mandate of the people and the PM has been repeatedly appreciating the initiatives of the State in various fields.