Calculating arrears without final basic pay structure is confounding: HSP

Gangtok, 12 Sept: Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, and vice president, Bhaichung Bhutia, today addressed a press meet following announcements on the new pay revision structure made by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on 11 Sept. Questioning the CM’s announcements, HSP spokesperson, Mr Adhikari, said, “The CM said the government has formed a sub-committee ‘to examine and sort out the anomalies [if any] in the Pay Committee recommendations’. Why is that, after almost three years, the government feels that there may be ‘anomalies [if any]’ in implementing the pay scales for the remaining employees as recommended in the 5th Pay Commission when a large section of the employees like the IAS and IPS officers are already receiving the benefits?” He further questioned on the calculation of the arrears and allowances to be disbursed without a basic pay structure. “We demand clarification from the State Government on this. The government should fix basic pay for government employees at the earliest,” he added. He accused that the State Government of beating around the bush by announcing arrears and allowances in order to entice voters for the upcoming election. Addressing the press, HSP vice president, Mr Bhutia, alleged that Sikkim Democratic Front [SDF] was supporting the third front proposed by West Bengal CM and TMC president, Mamata Banerjee while maintaining its alliance with BJP through NEDA and NDA. “It has been reported in national newspapers that the CM is also supporting the third front and West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee. The SDF party is also with BJP through NEDA and NDA. Can Chamling clarify which party is he supporting? He is supporting outside parties and accuses HSP of being a party of outsiders,” said Mr Bhutia. Fielding media queries, Mr Bhutia said that HSP cannot comment on the possibility of alliance with BJP in the forthcoming elections. “The BJP is already in alliance with SDF through NEDA and NDA. A national party can tie up with only one party in a State and the BJP is already with SDF,” he added. Mr Bhutia further stated that HSP is open to alliance with any party that keeps Sikkim and the youth of Sikkim on top priority. Spokesperson, Mr Adhikari, informed that HSP will be holding its first public meeting in East Sikkim on 21 Sept in Singtam. When asked about HSP continuing without a party president, HSP vice president, Mr Bhutia, said, “In Sikkim, there is a political culture of worshiping an individual who dominates the party. We do not want that. We have able 32 captains in the party who can lead the party and are capable of becoming the next CM of Sikkim. We want to show that we are not a one-man party. We want to change the culture of individual worshipping in Sikkim and we are starting this from our own party.”