SILTAC lashes out against LTVC, will boycott meeting called by LTVC

Gangtok, 14 Sept:

Sikkim Limboo Tamang Apex Committee [SILTAC] has lashed out against Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee [LTVC] for allegedly misleading people on the LT Assembly seat reservation issue. Filing RTI applications and disclosing information is not the solution for any issue, SILTAC has said further accusing LTVC of instigating and provoking people on this issue.

Addressing a press conference here today, SILTAC vice-chairperson, Sushil Tamang, stated that LT Assembly seat reservation is a sensitive issue but different organizations and political parties have been trying to take credit by accusing each other.

He alleged that different organizations have been trying to take advantage of the ignorance of Limboo and Tamang community members. He mentioned that LTVC has always been speaking against SILTAC and SDF but has never come up with any solutions.

“We have never pointed fingers at anyone and instead, have always taken this issue to the right platform for its solution at the earliest. SILTAC and SDF government have always worked for its solution,” Mr Tamang said.

He alleged that LTVC and political parties have always brought about confusion on this issue by placing only those provisions before the people which can hamper Assembly seat reservation for LTs.

SILTAC has taken the opinion of experts on the Constitutionand other such areas, and found that (f) of the Article 371F is the only key to a solution on the issue, said Mr Tamang. He added that Article 371F is the only hope for seat reservation in the earliest.

“No one should use the organization to make a political career. Politically ambitious people should join political party and avoid using social organisations to fulfill their ambition,” he said.

SILTAC chief advisor, Kalawati Subba, shared that SILTAC has plans to approach the Centre once again on this issue.

Speaking on the proposal of LTVC to hold adaylong all-Sikkim strike on this issue,SILTAC chairperson, CB Subba, said that it is important for the organization to justify such a step.

He mentioned that SILTAC will never support such an initiative which will affect the peace and tranquility in the State. He also clarified that SILTAC will not participate in the meeting called by LTVC on 16 Sept.

He mentioned that SILTAC is about to finish its ongoing constituency-level meetings and then it will organise district-level and State-level meetings within this month on this issue. He informed that a SILTAC delegation has also met the new Governor on 07 Sept and that the Governor has assured to take this demand to the Centre.

SILTAC stands by the 40 seats formula of the State Government as it is scientific and in the interest of the people of Sikkim, Sushil Tamang stated further adding that National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has also recommended the same formula to the Centre.

He asked LTVC to do research and homework before giving any statements on the issue. He also questioned SKM’s Sangha leader, Sonam Lama’s claims about giving LT seats in 10 days time if his party came to power. SKM is underestimating LT people, he added.

Ona recent visit to Delhi, the SILTAC team found that the Centre has received 67 representations from different political and other organizations on this issue so far. He stated that some other organizations have also asked for more than 40 seats but LTVC has never talked about these organizations and has been blaming SDF and SILTAC for seat reservation.

Mr Tamang stated that presently, the file is with the Cabinet committee on political affairs chaired by Prime Minister and SILTAC is positive and hopeful that LT will get their constitutional right at the earliest.