Chamling interacts with constituency youth in Namchi

Namchi, 16 Sept:

SDF party president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, attended a youth meeting organised by the party youth of Namchi Singithang constituency, on the theme, 'empowering youth transforming lives making a difference', on Saturday at Namchi Public School auditorium hall.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Chamling shared that he was in office on the will of the people and that of the people of Sikkim found a good leader to replace him, he himself would advocate him and follow the decision of Sikkimese people.

Governments are formed for the people and not for individuals, he stressed and remarked that the future leader of Sikkim must not indulge in conditional politics because that would make the future bleak for the State.

The Opposition’s call for “Parivartan”, he contended was based on unethical and undemocratic principals and lamented that those arguments were challenging the will of the people for the past 25 years.

“The youth are the pioneers of our state but our younger generation does not face the challenges as the people of Sikkim did before SDF government came to office so they are not accepting the reality. And the day will come when they will have to take the responsibility of our State but it should be in safe hands so that the march of development does not falter. Our youth must be ready to take this responsibility and try to be good politicians so that Sikkim is always in safe hands,” Mr Chamling stressed.

On unemployment, he said that the meaning and definition of unemployment for the youth of Sikkim is not getting a government jobs but they remain unaware of opportunities existing outside government service. There as more than 3 lakh people from outside working in Sikkim, he pointed out as evidence of ample jobs being available for those who wished to work.

On the occasion, youth representatives from different wards addressed the function and placed several demands and aired grievances which Mr Chamling assured to address.