Slides trouble Dzongu

Mangan, 15 Sept:

A flash-flood caused by incessant rainfall damaged two houses (belonging to Neyzing Lepcha and Tempa Lepcha) here at Passingdang, Dzongu, at around 10 PM on Friday night.

The situation was brought under control by local youth and villagers and the family members were evacuated to the PHC. The urgent need for immediate restoration of roads from both sides is now being deeply felt in the area.

The landslide also damaged some houses at Kazor ward under Singhik-Sentam GPU.

The two more landslides occurred on Saturday morning at 4th Mile Lower Mangshila disrupting traffic along the Dikchu-Rangrang axis.

However, commuters plying to Mangan from Gangtok are travelling via the Phodong road till Rangrang where transshipment is required. Meanwhile, the Mangan-Passingdang road was restored Saturday afternoon.

Road connectivity in North district has snapped at various places beyond Mangan till Chungthang while the Chungthang-Lachen road was also blocked at Munsithang on Saturday.

Several landslides have been reported from Lingdong-Barfok GPU of Dzongu damaging private homes, standing crop and cowsheds.

Inspection to the affected areas remains a challenge due to the litter of slides and disrupted roads even as officials from the concerned Sub Divisions have been deployed.