HSP accuses CM of approaching a national party seeking alliance

Gangtok, 19 Sept:

Hamro Sikkim Party spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, today issued a press statement claiming that Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has approached a national party for alliance for the forthcoming Assembly elections.

“HSP would like to bring some facts in front of the Sikkimese people. When our party was started a few months ago, the CM went out of his way to slander and vilify our senior VP, Bhaichung Bhutia. Among the many slanderous allegations, the CM also accused Mr Bhutia to be a puppet of masters who were ‘outsiders’ making obvious reference to other political parties from outside the State,” said Mr Adhikari.

“Now the party, through its own sources, has reason to believe that the CM, who is also the president of the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front, has clandestinely approached a big national party in New Delhi, and has offered 10 seats in the State as an alliance formula so that he remains in power for the sixth consecutive time,” claimed Mr Adhikari.

He added, “Despite making a huge racket and blaming our party for associating with ‘outsiders’, the CM has been approaching these very parties and trying to form alliances with them. It has also become very apparent that as a compromised Chief Minister, who has an investigation pending by the CBI, our CM is prepared to go to any lengths, as well as put everything at stake, so that he still retains power and avoid the investigation of the CBI.

The HSP on its part, would like to condemn the latest activities of the CM as a desperate move of a cornered and compromised individual, and questions his logic, and apparent haste, in offering 10 seats just to save his skin.”