Preparations on for 12th Vazra Guru Thongdrup Puja at Samdruptse

Gangtok, 20 Sept:

The final meeting of Samdruptse Vazra Guru Thongdrup Puja Committee with representatives from various associations and clubs in and around Namchi, South Sikkim to finalisepreparations for the 12th puja this year was held at Samdruptse complex in Namchion 16 Sept. The puja will be held from 04-19 Oct, a press release informs.

The Vazra Guru Thongdrup Puja which involves recitation of the Vazra Guru Mantra for 100 million times has been held annually atSamdruptse since 2006. This year marks the completion of one complete cycle of the Buddhist zodiac calendar. Therefore, all the participants during this year’s puja will earn the merit and benefit of the entire 12 editions of the puja held since its inception, the release adds.

For smooth conduct of the puja, the work distribution among the various clubs and social organisations were delegated on 16 Sept. The members were also entrusted with individual responsibilities as well as forming various sub groups to oversee the various preparation works required.

It was decided during the meeting that as in previous years, the lodging and fooding to all the monks, nuns and Maney Aams will be arranged by the organising committee along with their to-and-fro travel fares. However they will be required to get their own bedding and eating utensils.

The committee members have also extended their invitation to all Buddhism practitioners and well wishers to participate in the event which is being held for the benefit of all sentient beings and Sikkim in particular.

The committee has expressed heartfelt gratitude to Chief Minister Pawan Chamling for his visionary concept of building this statue of Guru Padmasambhava who is the patron saint of Sikkim and who established Buddhism in this Bayul Demajong or the hidden land of Sikkim.