Denzong Sherpa Association unhappy with CM’s remarks

Gangtok, 21 Sept:

Although the State Government withdrew the amendments to the Regulation of Transfer of Land [2nd Amendment] 2018 in the Assembly session on 20 Sept, Denzong Sherpa Association has strongly condemned the concluding remarks ofChief Minister PawanChamlingagainst the land protection of Sherpa under Revenue Order No. 1.

The demand of inclusion of Sherpa under Revenue Order No. 1 is not limited to “sale and purchase” of land but it is the “fundamental and historical rights of the Sherpas”, a DSA press release states.

The release further adds, “The Sherpas of Sikkim have been protesting against the new Act and demanding land protection under Revenue Order No. 1, 1917. The removal of the new Act is a major breakthrough towards achieving historical and fundamental rights of the Sherpa community in Sikkim. Thus, the conspiracy of the CM to eliminate the Sherpa from the historical facts by advocating existence of Sherpa only after the Scheduled Tribe Order 1978 will not be tolerated anymore. His explanation regarding the old laws and constitutional provision of Article 371F is as baseless as the Regulation of Transfer of Land Act 2018.”

The DSA has further stated that the CM should be aware that one of the most important old laws “the Registration of Companies [Sikkim] Act 1961” is repealed by the Companies Act 2013.

“If he is so concerned about the sanctity of old laws, he must explain how and why the Old Company’s law got repealed in his regime,” the DSA has further said.