LTVC-called Sikkim Bandh postponed

Gangtok, 21 Sept:

The All Sikkim Bandh proposed by Limboo-Tamang Voluntary Committee [LTVC] scheduled for 25 Sept has been postponed till further notice. An LTVC press release informs that this decision was taken due to “some differences” in views among different political parties and organizations which were to be part of the bandh call.

On 16 Sept, a section of political parties and organizations had gathered at Chokasum hall in Gangtok to deliberate on the issue of LT seat reservation in the Assembly.

SDF and SILTAC stayed away from this meet. On this absence, the LTVC has stated in the release, “It is very surprising to know that SDF and SILTAC blames others for misguiding regarding LT seat reservation issue but runs away from debate when called for meeting on the said subject. If SILTAC could call for a press conference to condemn us then could not they spare their time to place their views in the meeting? This clearly proves that SILTAC and SDF are anti-LT.”

The release further informs that the all political parties and organisations meet has unanimously passed various resolutions pertaining to LT seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

“State Government must pass a fresh LT seats reservation resolution-bill in upcoming State Assembly Session. Limboo-Tamang seats reservation must be done before 2019. Also the State and Central Governments must bring LT seats reservation bill in Parliament in the upcoming winter Parliament session,” the LTVC release states.

The LTVC has extended gratitude to all political parties, organisations and individuals for participating in the meeting on 16 Sept and sparing their valuable time for the cause of LT communities of Sikkim. The LTVC will be organising more of such events in the coming days for the welfare of Sikkimese society.