SDF will not come to power next year: HSP

Will not get even one seat from West Sikkim, claims Bhaichung

Gangtok, 21 Sept:

Hamro Sikkim Party held its first public meeting for East Sikkim at Singtam Bazaar today in the presence of party leaders, party workers and supporters.

Addressing the gathering, HSP vice president, Bhaichung Bhutia, contended that Sikkim Democratic Front president, Pawan Chamling, has failed to create a new set of leaders to lead the party in these 25 years.

“Mr Chamling is both the SDF president and also the Chief Minister and has not allowed any new leader to grow in his party following a one-man rule. Our party will not allow any person to hold dual posts. Our CM and party presidents will be different,” said Mr Bhutia.

He stated that HSP will also abolish party-based Panchayat election if it comes to power.

“Let people choose their own independent Panchayats who will work for the development of the villages,” said Mr Bhutia while accusing SDF Panchayats of working for the party instead of the people.

“The CM takes credit when things are going well and ends up blaming Panchayats and MLAs when things go wrong. When he formed his government in 1994, he was the poorest CM in the country and now after 25 years, he is the richest. SDF is also the richest political party in the country as per the Election Commission of India,” added Mr Bhutia while accusing the SDF government of rampant corruption in developmental funds.

“Sikkim has around 30 hydel power projects but power supply is disrupted even if there is a minor storm. The roads are in bad shape and are being repaired now because the elections are coming. SDF receives donations from the pharma companies operating in Sikkim. We will not take donations but force these companies to give employment to our youth. We will train our youth as per job requirements in these companies,” he stated.

Lashing out against the SDF supremo for calling Mr Bhutia an outsider, he said, “He paints me as an outsider after I started protesting against corruption and mis-governance. I am ready for an open debate with Mr Chamling on developmental issues. The CM also said that I played for money during my football career. This is not only an insult to me but to all the footballers of Sikkim who are playing outside the State and earning a livelihood with their hard work and talent. It is also an insult to all those Sikkimese who are working outside the State and country in corporate and hospitality sector.”

The HSP vice president also alleged that SDF has approached a national party in Delhi for alliance for the 2019 election and has offered 10 seats to the national party.

He further assured to approach the Centre regarding Limboo-Tamang seats, Nepali seats and Tsong seat.

On the upcoming election, Mr Bhutia said, “I guarantee that SDF will not form its government in 2019. It needs 17 seats to form a government. This time things will change. The party used to get all 16 seats from South and West districts but this time, it will not get even one seat from West district. It may win only one or two seats from South district. In East and North districts, SDF had won only 5 seats in last election and this time it will not even win that much.”

Speaking on his experience in politics till date, Mr Bhutia said, “I do not have experience like Mr Chamling. But what I have is honesty which he lacks. I played for Indian football team for 16 years. This success is solely due to my honesty and hard work and the same honesty and hard work will be portrayed in my politics. I have created a name for myself in the country and abroad. I will not let it go in vain.”

Bhaichung also said that after coming to power, HSP will make Sangha seat free from politics.

“We want independent candidates to contest for the Sangha seat,” he added.

Vice president, HSP, Ran Bahadur Subba, in his address asserted that the HSP is firm in its movement to oust the SDF government.

“We have made a good start and in these 3-4 months, the party has grown. We want to bring together all the Sikkimese communities who have been fragmented by the SDF government. We will give regular government employment to our youth for which we have a strategy,” said Mr Subba.

He further stated that after the Singtam meeting, HSP will intensify its activities in East and North districts while continuing its ongoing party activities in South and West districts.

During the meeting today, Rudra Narsingh Sakya was appointed as vice president of HSP.