Large turnoutat Mintokgangto wish CM on b’day

Gangtok, 22 Sept:

A huge number of people visited Mintokgang, the official residence of the Chief Minister, today to greet Chief Minister PawanChamling on his birthday. He turned 69 today.

Speaker of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, Deputy Speaker, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chairpersons, Advisors, Chief Secretary, Heads of the Department, Government officials, Police Officers, Councillors, students, party workers and general public were seen at Mintokgang to greet the Chief Minister.

Former Chief Minister of Sikkim, Sancha Man Limboowas also there to greet the CM on his 69th birthday.

People greeted the Chief Minister by offering khadas, floral bouquets, garlands and some gifts wishing him long life and good health. People gathered outside Mintokgang since morning and were allowed inside in batches.

This year, the CM also wrote a letter to the people of Sikkim on the occasion of his birthday.

Speaking to media persons this morning, the Chief Minister said that it is with the blessings, support and the love of the people of Sikkim that he has got the opportunity to serve the people and has been successfully serving the state and the people of Sikkim since the last 24 years and added that he will continue to serve the people.

“My birthday is also dedicated to the people of Sikkim and I think this is the best day to pass on my feelings, thoughts and good words to the people of Sikkim. I have written the letter to the people of Sikkim on this day to pay respect and gratitude to them,” said Mr. Chamling.

He further added that he has written the letter to the people of Sikkim not as a Chief Minister but as PawanChamling. He also said that he will continue to serve the people of Sikkim.

“I have dedicated my life to the people of Sikkim and will continue working for the people,” said Mr. Chamling.

While meeting people this morning at Mintokgang, the CM was accompanied by wife Tika Maya Chamling and daughter KomalChamling.