BL organisations condemn lack of action on NCM letter to CS

Gangtok, 03 Oct:

A meeting of mostly Bhutia-Lepchaorganisations was held today at BL House, Tibet Road wherein they condemned the lack of action on a letter [dated 13 June 2018] from the National Commission of Minorities (NCM) to the Chief Secretary. The letter stated ‘urgent steps’ to be taken regarding various issues related to the BL community of the State, as per a press release issued by Bhutia Lepcha Protection Force [BLPF] Advisor, KessangDorjeePhalontharpa.

Alleging that the Chief Secretary has not taken any action on the letter, the meeting condemned the ‘irresponsible attitude’ of the Chief Secretary.

The release informs that the letter carried urgent steps to be taken with regard to the safeguard of Guru Dongmar lake in North Sikkim, scrapping of ongoing 97MW Tashiding Hydro Project (HEP) over sacred Rathong Chu river in West Sikkim, scrapping of (i) 300MW Panan HEP and (ii) 520MW Teesta IV HEP proposed in restricted area of Dzongu in North Sikkim.

The letter also stated “to remove by legislation the threat posed on political rights of Minority Bhutia-Lepcha (BL) community and Buddhist places of Worship in Sikkim by vested interests and organisations like Sikkim GorkhaJagranSangh, etc.”

Furthermore, a reminder letter was again sent on 13 Sept 2018from the National Commission for Minorities to the Chief Secretary on the above issues, the report of which had to be sent latest by 28 Sept 2018, the release mentions further adding “we hope the concerned C.S office, Govt of Sikkim has already responded to this important issues of the Minority BL community of the state to NCM.”

The meeting today was attended by SIBLAC, BLPF, NASBO-371F, SILTA and other BL organisations. It was co-ordinated under the chairmanship of TsetenTashi Bhutia, former minister and Convenor SIBLAC.