Former opposition youth leaders endorse SDF leadership after switching over

GANGTOK, 04 Oct:

A group of youth leaders from different opposition parties who recently joined the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front has asserted that the leadership of Chief Minister PawanChamling is right for Sikkim and its people. They stated that SDF is for the youth and has provided a wide platform to them to work for the development of Sikkim.

BhanuPratapRasaily, who contested 2014 election from Zoom-Salghari from SKM, Arthur Targain, Peter Chettri, Bhusan Allay, Puran Allay, Karma Tenpa, Kalzang Sherpa and Rueben Subba have recently joined SDF. Among them, BhanuPratap has been appointed as secretary [youth organisation] and Arthur Targain has been appointed as the secretary of district working committee [East].

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Rasaily said, “We came into politics to work for Sikkim and its people and we were in the opposition for around nine years. But being in the opposition we could not fulfil the desire and aspirationsof the people and we lost our faithin SKM leadership due to difference in thoughts.”

He added that their decision to join SDF was based on the successful leadership of Chief Minister PawanChamling.

Mr Rasaily urged the youth of Sikkim to work together in unity in the interest of Sikkim and its people.

“If are divided it is the loss of Sikkim so it is very important for youth to work together in the interest of Sikkim,” he said.

He added that SKM’s lack of direction and leadership prompted them to leave the party and join SDF.

“When we met the CM we got positive vibes from him and found that we had been speaking against him blindly without any reason. He is the right leadership for Sikkim and its people,” he said.

Responding to media queries, Mr Targain said, “We left SKM due to differences in thoughts and working. We will now work on the programmes and policies of SDF under the leadership of PawanChamling.”