Lack of legislation helping private sector deny jobs to locals: Save Sikkimese Soul

GANGTOK, 10 Oct:

Save Sikkimese Soul coordinator, Passang Sherpa has said that only a legislation in line with Rule 4[4] of Sikkim Government Establishment Rules can guarantee employment of locals in private companies.

He has stated that the inability of the State government to take appropriate constitutional remedy after the rejection of ‘Local Employment Protection Bill 2010’ by the President of India has made it easy for private companies to deny jobs to the local people.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Sherpa claimed that the absence of a law is why private companies can choose to ignore meetings like the one called recently by the concerned departments on the implementation of notification of the State Government regarding 90% job reservation for Sikkimese people in private companies.

“Having realized the lack of legal and constitutional standing of such incompetent notification, the private companies paid no heed to the meeting called by the government,” he expressed.

The State government has issued a notification in haste without any legislative backup, he added.

According to Mr Sherpa, private companies can ignore such notifications because of the fact that Companies Act, 2013 repealed the Registration of Companies [Sikkim] Act, 1961, an old law of Sikkim protected under the Article 371F.

In order create awareness on these issues, he informed that Save Sikkimese Soul will be organising public meetings in various parts of Sikkim to protect Registration of Companies [Sikkim] Act, 1961.