Temi Tea Mr Sikkim 2018 Manhunt finalists

Gangtok, 12 Oct:

The 22 finalists of the Temi Tea Mr Sikkim 2018 Manhunt now vie for the coveted subtitle Summit Times Mr Multimedia presented by the official print partner Summit Times.

This subtitle is decided by the audience on total number of likes their pictures get on theMr Sikkim Manhunt pageon social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Get to know the finalists a little better with these short bios:

Contestant’s name:AkhileshPradhan

Father's name:Om PradhanPradhan

Mother's name:Raj LaxmiPradhan

Residential address:

Diesel Power House, Bhanu gram, Gangtok, East Sikkim


My hobbies are playing basketball and swimming. But I also love all the activities related to sports and fitness. I like playing my guitar during my free time and I love to travel.

Q) Why Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt?

I want to be a part of Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt not only because it's about me winning the title, but it would be how I choose to impact others. A platform to gain more exposure and to express what I feel. It will help me as in person to improve my personality and then I can showcase myself to the world. It’s odd how I studied science when I was in school, and now I’m pursuing my studies in fashion and lifestyle business management so that I can continue my career in what I love doing. Winning this title will be a huge responsibility, but also a blessing to be a role model and impact many people in so many ways.

Q) What are the qualities that make you stand out in the crowd?

I believe it's my passion and loving myself, It has nothing to do with ego but being confident in what I love doing will inspire others and elevate relationships with everything else. I got great feedbacks while shooting with the Mr. Sikkim team and learned what I need to work on and I took it very positively and tried to improve, plus being serious about everything.

Q) What if you win or lose the competition of Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt?

If I, fortunately, win the Mr. Sikkim Manhunt 2018 title, I would make my family and my state proud. Winning is one way I can have many more opportunity open to me. I would be able to bring the title wherever I go with me. That allows me to showcase the culture and beauty of my hometown and what makes us unique. However, if I don't win, it’s okay to lose because I will be able to self-reflect and improve myself even more.

Q) Define yourself?

I belong to Gangtok, Sikkim. I'm a very hard working person. No matter how hard the work or the situation, I always try to find a way for that and give my best and complete it. Integrity and authenticity are essential to me. I do what I can to continue to improve and be the best I can be at whatever I do." I started getting into fashion and modelling when I was at the age of 14. My parents and my brother always supported me. I always used to look up to my brother and also looking at some of the top models on social media and magazines inspired me a lot. For me, my family always comes first. Moreover, I also want to inspire others to dress & live the way they want to express themselves authentically.

Q)What is that one thing that can unite humanity?

One thing that can unite humanity is Compassion. It reminds me of the term “We are One” by his holiness the Dalai Lama where he talks about compassion and love.

Q) Your message/appeal?

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." I just wanna say whatever you do in life, do it with passion and love. Don't listen to any other people's comments, just keep doing your thing because at the end of the day, you're gonna be doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. So just believe in yourself, love yourself and keep doing what you love.

Contestant’s Name: SonamGyatso Bhutia

Father's name: Karma Thendup Bhutia

Mother's name: Diki Bhutia

Residential address: Rabongla, South Sikkim

Hobbies/Interests: Sports (football, volleyball, table tennis,) and fitness

Q) Why Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt?

Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt is an history on its own as we all are very lucky to be a part of this huge event a platform where a youth like us gets to showcase our talents and build our confidence which will help us life long as it’s not only about having a good face but also about discipline and ethics we as individual get to learn and groom everyday an experience to be a better man. And I wanted to be a first Man to be a part of this history a lovey journey of Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt.

Q) What are the qualities that make you stand out in the crowd?

Well I want say that I am an extra ordinary person but I believe we all are special and unique on our own ways and for me I love myself because that helps us to learn improve and loving yourself first makes easier to avoid negativity criticism and boost you to be better version of you that’s why I love to stay fit and healthy having good body makes you stand automatically out in the crowd and also having a good heart thinking positive gives that glow added point I guess my smile wrinkles too is a best thing that people notice in the crowd .

Q) What if you win or lose the competition of Mr. Sikkim 2018 Manhunt?

Well like I have mentioned it before that I am already a winner to participate and to be the first ever man among other fellow contestant as a first batch of Mr. Sikkim Manhunt 2018 proudly I can say to the upcoming generation that we created history for which i would like to thank the organizers and people behind this wonderful initiative. Everyday has been a learning experience for me so i loose nothing and I know everything happens for a better tomorrow so i regret nothing i am very honored and blessed to be a part of Mr.Sikkim Manhunt 2018 and in every competition one has to take that position so it’s okay.

Q) Define Yourself?

It’s not easy to define ourselves as we are learning and growing and changing with lots of experience we get in our life but things that I have learned growing up will always remain the same valuing people respecting loving and equality. I am an emotional person at the same time we as human we are not perfect even I have lots of flaws which I accept and try to improve and best thing is Idon’t judge people because as I mentioned we are learners so we get that chance to change and improve ourselves .

Q) What is that one thing that can unite humanity?

Well I always thought about this question myself for me i believe humanity can never be united as I think Religion is one main cause for humans to be separated into groups. Thus to unite humanity we must demolish religion. And another strong reason we can be united as humanity though it’s tough as a human we are made in such a way that in one way or other find something differentiate us from each other by its colour of skin wealth, caste, nationality, gender etc. so to stay united as humanity one should not be selfish and education will help somewhere or the other to understand that humans can live in harmony despite their differences.

Q) Your message/appeal?

My message will be if there is a will there is a way and if you have missed any opportunity in your life in any field don't worry always keep an option and be creative and make yourself a person to give and help others with good platform and opportunity. Love yourself value time respect and love and if you step up to successes stay grounded and humble.

Stay positive and happy work hard and don’t give up hope, be open to criticism and keep learning surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

We have equally worked hard for this and may the best one win.