Senior SDF leader, BS Panth, resigns from party

Summit Report Gangtok, 29 Oct: Sikkim Democratic Front vice president and one of the senior leaders of the party, Bedu Singh Panth resigned from the party today. The two-time MLA from Temi Namphing constituency, South Sikkim, has resigned from all posts and primary membership of the party. In his sarcasm laden resignation letter addressed to the party president, Pawan Chamling, Mr Panth states that the people have asked him to resign from the party. He mentions that many sections of the public “have started opposing the principle of party in power”. There has been some speculation about trouble between Mr Panth and a sitting Minister which may have led to his resignation. Mr Panth had started his political career during Late NB Bhandari’s tenure and has also served as Deputy Speaker of Sikkim Legislative Assembly during 1989-1994. He has contributed in strengthening SDF in its early days and was one of the close strategic persons of the party president, Pawan Chamling, during 1995-2009.