MUSS Sadbhawana Satsang Samaroha held at Tathagata Tsal

Rabongla, 31 Oct (IPR): Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, accompanied by Minister for Tourism, Irrigation, India-Nepal Uttarakhand River Projects, Government of Uttarakhand, Satpalji Maharaj, attended the Sadbhawana Satsang Samaroha organized by the Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti (MUSS) at Tathagata Tsal today.

Addressing, the gathering, the Chief Minister extended deep appreciation on being invited to be a part of this massive congregation of followers of MUSS and also announced that the State Government will be constructing a Mandir at Gyalshing.

He spoke in detail about the importance of spiritual well-being and its connection to the advancement of humanity and nature alike.

He underlined that nature and the people of Sikkim have been coexisting in harmony and will continue to do so. Additionally, he highlighted that Sikkim, which is filled with an abundance of nature’s bounty, was a preferred religious destination.

He also lauded Satpalji Maharaj for his immense knowledge and in being an exponent of Manav Dharma. He also recalled the visit of Satpalji Maharaj to Siddheshwara Dham in 2015 and how his visit aided in increase of tourism at the Dham.

The Chief Minister also reminded the audience that the Janta Mela will commence on 17 December and directed the concerned departments and stakeholders to identify genuine beneficiaries in order for them to receive State Government welfare schemes.

He also dedicated the recent Future Policy Gold Award that he received at the United Nations FAO headquarters in Rome to the public of the state and the nation.

Speaking during the occasion, Satpalji Maharaj extended his congratulations to the Chief Minister on being bestowed the Future Policy Gold Award and emphasized how this award will give further impetus to the practise of Organic Farming in the state.

He further commended the State for its innumerable achievements and on being one of the most exemplary small states in the sector of Organic Farming, tourism, infrastructure development and for maintaining peace and tranquillity.

Satpalji Maharaji added that Sikkim has become one of the shining examples of growth and development and highlighted that other states need to emulate this achievement.

He also spoke at length about Lord Buddha and how he gained enlightenment and urged the attendees to imbibe the same in their life.

He also spoke in brief about the significance of spirituality, kindness and being a better human being.

Present amongst others were SLA Speaker KN Rai, Ministers DDBhutia and Ugen Gyatso Bhutia, MUSS representatives, various other dignitaries and devotees from others states and neighbouring countries.

Earlier, the CM and the dignitaries took part in a shanti paath puja conducted by monks and pandits at the premises of Tathagata Tsal.