Dzongu prepares for Namsoong at Namprikdang

Dikchu, 13 Nov:

A meeting was held today at Namprikdang in Upper Dzongu to discuss the celebration of Namsoong in Dzongu. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Speaker, area MLA Sonam Gyatso Lepcha, along with DM North, Karma R Bonpo, Sr SP North, Kunzang Dorjee Sangdarpa, DFO Territorial, James Saring Lepcha, President NNCC, Nezing Lepcha, heads of the departments, panchayats and the celebration committee.

Tom Tshering Lepcha from Social Welfare Justice and Empowerment Department detailed the funds sanctioned from Welfare Department for the festival and informed that the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs is scheduled to attend.

He also suggested some changes in the celebrations this year with modification of the pandal and other aspects.

The Namsoong Celebration Committee general secretary, Samten Lepcha, presented the income and expenditure details of the last year's festival.

The DM North suggested that Namsoong celebrations at Namprikdang be continued like earlier with the Tribal Festival organised simultaneously.

The DM also directed the Road & Bridges Department to maintain the approach road to the ground and also directed the Power Department to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The panchayats were requested to ensure public participation.

It was also decided that the 4-day festival, scheduled to be held from 13 to 16 December, also include the Area MLA Football Tournament like previous years.

The Chairperson, SNT, Pintso Namgyal Lepcha, stressed for the protection of Namprikdang forest guest house which has been damaged by the Teesta.

Addressing the function, The Deputy Speaker urged all the committee members and the officials to put in their best efforts to make the festival a success.

He further urged all to maintain transparency and said that there should not be any alteration in the make-up of committee members. He invited the people to join the celebrations cutting across party lines.

He also urged the Namprikdang Namsoong Committee to settle the land dispute with regard to the Namprikdang Ground. He also called on the DM North to supervise the preparations and informed that the Chief Minister will also be invited.

An interaction was also held where various suggestions were placed by the panchayats and other individuals.