Thekong Munsolong remembered at Singzem hilltop

Dikchu, 14 Nov:

The commemoration of Munsolong was observed today at Singzem in Lingthem, Upper Dzongu. The government has proposed to install 60 feet tall statue of Munsolong at this hilltop where the foundation stone was laid by the Chief Minister during his visit to Lingthem in April earlier this year.

People from different areas attended the function to pay homage. The event was also attended by Deputy Speaker, Sonam Gyatso Lepcha.

The celebration had the "rumfaat" offering of prayers by Bongthings.

President, Monsolung Celebration Committee, Sonam Tshering Lepcha, on behalf of the public, expressed gratitude towards the CM and the area MLA for undertaking such major development in the area.

He also highlighted that although Lingthem was an inaccessible area earlier, it is now experiencing a tourism boom with the development of different infrastructure in the area.

He also made it a point to highlight the delayed carpeting of the road to Lingthem and remarked that any further delay would prove the lackadaisical attitude of the contractor.

Lepcha history records that Munsolong had visited this place so it was auspicious to install a statue at this Singzem hilltop, said Namgyal Lepcha, one of the residents.