Former STA members wear SKM colors and lash out against Govt

Gangtok, 20 Nov:

Former executive members of Sikkim Teachers’ Association today alleged that the State Government has not paid their pay revision dues, something that was announced to be release in three equal installments.

Lazong Bhutia, Bhanu Pradhan, Tshewang Bhutia and group alleged that as assured by the Chief Minister, the government was to clear their arrears in three consecutive and equal installments, but the Finance Revenue & Expenditure Department published a circular on 15 Sept stating that “the disbursement of advance arrear however, shall be subject to the following terms and conditions,” sub-para 3 of which states that the above adjustments of advance shall be made from the arrear bills payable to the government employees/ pensioners in four equal installments in the current and subsequent financial year.

“This shows that how the CM and his government have misled the innocent government employees, especially those of third and fourth grades. This is but one instance of how the government makes fools of its own employees with false assurances,” said Tsewang Bhutia.

With the reduction in HRA and HSBA in the recent Pay Revision, Mr Bhutia said that a fourth Grade employee has lost a minimum of Rs 2-3 lakh annually and if it is combined, the third and fourth grade employees lose Rs 7-9 lakh.

All the five former teachers who had taken voluntarily retirement in August earlier this year and joined the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha on 18 Nov appealed to all the government employees to open their eyes and see how the State Government has misguided and harassed them.

Lazong Bhutia said that during his tenure as president of the Sikkim Teachers’ Association, they tried to meet the government head to clarify the differences between them but were not given a chance to do so.

“Teachers across the State are being used for political reasons and seen accordingly, which is very unfortunate,” he said.

On joining SKM, Bhanu Pradhan said that they have felt the need for a change in the system and are convinced that SKM stands to deliver if voted into office.

He added that the present education system has failed to impart quality education in the State.