SKM Govt will be solely for Sikkimese: Golay

Gangtok, 20 Nov:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha convened a district-level co-ordination meeting here at the Community Hall in Gyalshing, West Sikkim today.

This is for the first time that the authorities permitted an opposition party to hold a political meet in the Community Hall. The party has extended gratitude to the West District Administration for granting permission to hold the meet, an SKM press release conveys.

The meeting was attended by SKM president, PS Tamang [Golay], in the presence of executive members and party supporters of West district.

The CLC presidents of all eight constituencies shared the progress made in their respective constituencies regarding the formation of Ward, Block level committees and the upcoming Jan Sankalp Yatra.

Appointment orders were also handed through the hands of the president on various portfolios under West district.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Tamang said, “SKM is growing stronger by the day as common people are desperate for change and the party cadre has made it possible that 2019 will deliver an SKM government. History will be kind to the cadre of our party. Hard work and sacrifice by the youth and the party worker has made the party what it is today. We need a disciplined approach now as the election is nearing and we cannot afford negative publicity.”

Lashing out on the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front, Mr Tamang stated, “Our policies should be taken sincerely to the general masses, not like SDF with fake assurances prior to every election. Everyone is equal in SKM party. We don’t believe in old and new workers but what we believe is equality and respect for every party worker.

Even a ward level worker is as powerful as the party president. We move with equal participation and respect every creative idea. Our well planned and united action will ensure our government in 2019. We will not be slaves to capitalist forces, no party donations will be accepted from the feudalists, corrupt and oppressors. Our government will be for our people.”

It may be mentioned here, SKM’s Jan Sankalpa Yatra will be conducted in two phases commencing from 29 Nov from Daramdin constituency in West Sikkim. The aim of the yatra is to connect SKM directly with the janta, scanning the ground reality of grassroots Sikkim.

The first phase of the yatra will cover Daramdin, Zoom Salghari, Soreng Chakung and Rinchenpong constituencies while the second phase will cover Bermiok Gyalshing, Maneybong Dentam, Yangthang Darap and Yuksom Tashiding constituencies.

“We will concentrate on areas that need focus after formation of our government in 2019.We will try to cover maximum villages, residential areas during this yatra allotting five days for each constituency. Discipline is the foremost aspect of our party. Anti party activities will not be tolerated at any cost. Recent suspension of high ranked member of our party is a prime example of the seriousness of our party regarding discipline,” said Mr Tamang.

The SKM party will also be holding Mega Yuva Sammelan from 18-23 Dec at Rolu in South Sikkim where youth workers are expected to deliver motivational talks alongside trainings by experts from various fields.

The sammelan is being organized to produce skillful and disciplined youth workers and to empower them with quality of leadership to lead Sikkim with youthful vision after 2019, the release explains.

Stressing the same, Mr Tamang said, “Janta Mela is not just for SDF supporters. It’s for every Sikkimese. The party cadre should collect the names of all genuine beneficiaries from their respective areas and make a list. Same goes for the latest announcement of the Chief Minister about one family-one job. If the government is serious about jobs then make them regular.

SDF’s reluctance to make a law on ‘one family one job’ speaks for itself. The ruling party’s arrogance which has been suppressing the downtrodden people for 25 years should be punished in 2019. Money power of SDF will fail against people’s craving for change.”