SDF conducts Block level meet in Chungthang People must choose between ‘shanti and kranti’: TW Lepch

Mangan, 22 Nov:

Sikkim Democratic Front organized a Block level coordination meeting at PanchayatGhar in Chungthang, North Sikkim, today in the presence of Minister for Forest, Mines & Geology cum Area MLA, TsheringWangdiLepcha, as chief guest.

MrLepcha was accompanied by Panchayat president, Chung ChungLepcha, Zilla member, TsheringOngmuLepcha, Panchayat president,Singhik, PT Lepcha,Ward Panchayats, senior citizens and the general public.

The Panchayat president, in his address,informed that 90% of the public of ChungthangBlock support SDF and representatives from every house are attending the meet.

“There is no doubt that Chungthang people are in support of SDF and its party president. The public here have been provided several schemes, development funds and grants and all must be thankful towards the government and its policies which is why full support should go to SDF instead of any other political party,” he added.

He also informed that SDFgovernment has provided government jobs to 21 people from the area.

The SinghikPanchayat presidentspoke about developmental works initiated by the SDF government in his GPU.

In an open interaction, public representative, KalzangOngdi Bhutia, thanked and congratulated the Chief Minister of the State who is also the SDFpresident for starting an organic revolution.

He also informed that Chungthang and areas above it are rich in Trout fish which is why net fishing should not be allowed.

“Angling should be promoted for tourism and permission should be granted for this purpose,” he added.

He further placed various demands including deployment of one safaikarmachari and one night guard for Chungthang, provision of street light between Pegong and Chungthang,extension of unmarried certificate validity to at least five months, extension of fire extinguisher renewal process to at least three years and awareness programmes on alcohol and substance abuse.

The chief guest, in his address,stressed on hoisting of SDF flags in every house without fear.

“It is up to the public to decide whether they want ‘shanti governance or kranti governance’ in the coming days,” he stated.

He further informed that the long pending land acquisition compensation amounting to Rs 230 crorehas been sanctioned. For tourism development, infrastructure of Rs80 crore has also been sanctioned by the State Government including construction of jhora, protection of wall at Thengand Mani Lakhang,ToongWard.

He also requested all Ward Panchayats to prepare proper and genuine lists of beneficiaries for CMRHM scheme, JantaMela and One family-One job scheme.

He also announced provision of garbage vehicle for Chungthang and Mangan.